ATC Recreational Vehicle, Inc. was formed
in May 2000 by Itty Atcravi who is also the
inventor of the rack-and-pinion kitty litter box.
The initial purpose of the company was to design
and build 3-bedroom trailers with approximately
the same exterior dimensions as conventional
1-bedroom trailers. A well-known manufacturer
in California with over 30 years of experience in
building high-quality trailers was contracted to
do the work and the construction of the first unit
began a few months later.

Another project was started in December 2002
to design and build mini motorhomes which have
most of the features found in much larger units.
The first prototype will be 21.5 feet in length
and will include a walk-in bedroom, a cabover
bed, a sofa, a dinette, a galley with a 3-burner
stove, a double sink, a cupboard and a 2-door
refrigerator, a bathroom with a bathtub, a sink
and a toilet, a large wardrobe, a closet, as well
as a large open floor space in the living area.

Unfortunately the RV company that was working on
the prototype trailer went out of business and I lost
my deposit so it will take some time for this project
to be completed. At the moment (2007) I'm working
on a patent application for a new motor home design
and will probably contract a larger company to build
another prototype in the near future.

3-bedroom trailer under construction

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