You're kidding, right? Did the other kids in your Middle School
design class dare you to post this?

                                                            W F Sill

is there still room for the garden? How about the machine shop?

                                                            William Miller

If it doesn't have room for a hydraulic vehicle lift, forget it. I want
to be able to service my toad without crawling under. Oh yea, I also
want room for an olympic sized pool, heated of course.


How many stories in this motel?

                                                            Tex Houston

Somehow I'm thinking we've already seen the biggest story!


Hey, cat ! ! I think you got a couple of bites on your trolling line.

                                                            Steve (DsrtTravlr)

Have you actually every built anything like an RV? Have you ever
built anything?

                                                            Ralph Lindberg & Ellen Winnie

I dunno why Ralph thought it was a screwy idea, but IMO it is nutz
because there simply isn't enough room for a setup that would have
anything approaching wide appeal. Now if you are talking about
"bedrooms" like the Japanese 'sleeping drawer' setup, whose
proportions are pretty much like a coffin and about as appealing to
most of us, then you could find room and still have space for other
essentials. But virtually no market for it.
When faced with a design requirement equivalent to the well-known
"blivet" (10 pounds of stuff in a 3 pound sack), a talented designer
who once worked for me often remarked "You can get most any
design to lay on a piece of paper - the trick is to make something
that actually works". While many in the trade don't like to hear it,
engineering/design work done entirely on paper is usually a disaster.
You gotta build stuff and try it before you can have a lot of confidence.
Been there, done that, and done it over. And over.
You'll learn. But don't try to market stuff until you have something
that actually works. We already have quite enough morons selling
the rv equivalent of vaporware.

                                                            W F Sill

I have figured out how you can do this: Make three floor plans,
stack them, and allow 36" of vertical height for each floor. Floors
are not more than 1" thick, and the rig will use 8" wheels in order to
avoid having wheel wells intruding into the ground floor space.
You may not be crazy but you do not have a firm grip on reality yet.

                                                            W F Sill

But after you've sold Warwick Davis and Billy Barty theirs who else
'ya gonna sell one to?

                                                            Jay Denebeim

Look idiot, most everyone posting here has either a travel trailer, 5th
wheel or a motorhome. We all also know a pipe dream when we see one.
What you are proposing is impossible. If you really are serious, post a
link where people can see a floor plan.


Maybe, Hugh, he's pulling your leg, trolling, or just plain amused by
people calling him an idiot for proposing something far out and
impossible. After all, the only fish that gets caught is the one that
swallows the bait.


Maybe by the time you and your classmates get that figured out,
you'll realize that the mobile castle-in-a-bottle you envision is as
impractical as my idea of a 300-series Mercedes that expands to
emulate a fully-equipped Prevost at the camp site.
Fact is, you still don't have a good sense of the feasible in terms of
spatial relationships.
Or else you are trolling to get the most humorous response to an
obviously ludicrous plan.

                                                            W F Sill

You are trying to fit 30 lbs of stuff in a 10 lb sack

                                                            Ralph Lindberg

I once thought this was a real inquiry from a very inexperienced and
perhaps juvenile would-be rv designer. I now conclude it's a troll.
Bait rejected.

                                                            W F Sill

Look, a park model has a living room, a kitchen a bathroom and one or
two bedrooms. You are making a statement that calls for three bedrooms.
The park model will be about 10' wide by maybe 36 feet long. I've been
in them and know you can't put a third bedroom into one without severely
crippling the comfort factor. We already know you can put a lot of beds
in 5th wheels but, a sleeper sofa is not a bedroom, a dinette bed is not
a bedroom and I think you are playing with slide outs. You can only push
so much slide out before you are impacting on another campsite, you need
space on the curb side for an awning which limits the available space
for a curb side slide out. They exist but need to be short to make room
for said awning. If you're thinking of opposing slides, say in the cab
over of trailer, just remember you need to design enough structural
strength so frame doesn't collapse. Opposing slides present really tough
problems for a trailer as heavy as this one would be. Perhaps you better
go to a few rv shows and pick up the brochures, I know, I know, you are
having one built but your responses so far don't lend much credence to
that. I'm posting this on the remote chance you might actually be in the
process. Please post a reference to a web site where we may view your
design, 'course if I could pound 10 lbs of sh** into a 5 lb bag, I'd sure not
be so willing to post my design either <g>.


Better not build more than one.

                                                            W F Sill

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